Awareness - Safety - Action

About Us:

Mission:  Texas Gun Sense (TGS) is a statewide nonprofit and nonpartisan organization advocating for common sense, evidence-based policies to reduce gun injuries and deaths.

We began out of a sense of frustration with escalating gun violence in Texas and in the nation.  The shootings of innocent people are becoming far too common and we are dismayed by the lack of response from our government.

We recognize the Second Amendment enables citizens to own guns but it also calls for regulation.  Common Sense laws should be enacted to better protect the public.


Our Priorities:

♦  PREVENT prohibited buyers from obtaining guns, and improve the background check system.

♦  PROTECT children and families by reducing firearm accidents in the home and community.

♦  REDUCE suicides by providing information on risk, prevention, and safe storage of firearms.

♦  ENSURE the public and policymakers have a thorough understanding of the effects Texas policies have on gun violence.


What We Do:

♦   INCREASE PUBLIC AWARENESS.  We give the public resources and information about gun violence and prevention and about federal, state and local gun policy.

♦   BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.  We facilitate the Texas Coalition to Reduce Gun Violence and bring stakeholders together to explore policy solutions to gun violence.

♦   ADVANCE PUBLIC POLICY.  We advocate for sensible firearm policy reform and are a reliable source of information to state and local policymakers.

♦   SERVE AS A MEDIA RESOURCE.  We supply the press with information about gun violence and policy issues that impact Texans.