The Texas Coalition to Reduce Gun Violence began in December 2015 with a mission to create safer communities through a unified effort to raise awareness and reduce gun violence in Texas. The Coalition was formed to bring stakeholder groups, and legislators and staff from both sides of the aisle together to better understand the crisis of gun violence that includes suicides, homicides and accidents.  We bring in experts and explore ways to sensibly address these issues and improve public safety for Texans.  Participants from all perspectives are welcome and are not obligated to endorse any specific policies.

Texas Gun Sense facilitates Coalition meetings. Our nonprofit organization is devoted to reducing gun violence through research, advocacy, and public awareness. We respect the Second Amendment, and believe there is a middle ground on the issues of gun rights and public safety. We are proud to partner with gun owners and trainers who agree that it is in the best interest for all to keep guns out of the hands of those at high risk of doing harm to themselves or others. 

We hope you can join the conversation about this important public health and safety issue that impacts so many Texans. 

Next Meeting:  December 1, 2017

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