• January 2018 Blog Post

    by Dr. Bob Lively

    In the holy season just past, Christians and Jews gathered together around the globe to celebrate as well as to commemorate their belief that a divine light has penetrated the darkness of human affairs.  And while many might seek to relegate these faith celebrations to nothing more than a mass, and therefore cultural, embracing of a mere metaphor, many would say that the truth is that there is a Divine Light.

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  • December Blog Post

    By Rabbi Steven Folberg

    Rabbi Steven Folberg of Austin's Congregation Beth Israel provided comforting and inspiring words at our press conference in November following the tragic shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  We need to do more than just offer prayers, we must also take action.  "There are prayers of words, and there are silent prayers of the heart, but there are also prayers of doing, prayers of action."

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  • November Blog Post

    By John Christoffersen - TGS Volunteer

    Texas is not immune to gun violence. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report over 3,200 gun related deaths each year. Every gun death has a lesson and a story to tell.  Unfortunately, those lessons are often ones we already know — training and safe storage prevent gun violence. 

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  • October Post: Why I Volunteer

    By Tim Woolsey

    Of all the issues facing this country, the one that seems the most intractable is the issue of the ready accessibility of guns and gun violence. Like many of you, I’m sure, I was in tears and totally depressed about the shooting in Newtown. I decided to reach out to some old friends from many years ago who are very conservative and ardent supporters of gun rights.

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  • September Post: Meet our new Executive Director

    By  Gyl Switzer, TGS Executive Director

    Wow!  So much to learn!  I am beyond thrilled to be the new Executive Director of Texas Gun Sense.  One of the most important public health issues in Texas and across the country is gun violence.  Very early on as Executive Director I will share some thoughts here as well as highlight some career milestones.  I intend for my next blog post to be a report of a success or two.

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  • August Post: Getting involved with Reducing Gun Violence

    By Brendan Coffey

    My own awareness that shootings and gun deaths were part of the fabric of American life began as a teen reading newspapers in the 1970’s.  One had to accept it seemed, the finite possibility that one day you or someone you knew could fall victim to a bullet. 

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  • July Post: To Stop Gun Violence, Make Inaction Unacceptable

    By Sheila Madigan Levatino

    As a retired marriage and family therapist and former hospital chaplain, I see a disturbing similarity between our nation’s apathy towards gun violence and the cycle of violence I helped treat in domestic abuse cases.

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  • June Post: Reflections on Gun Violence in America

    By Marian Hoy

    For the past 30 or so years, not a day has passed that one or more persons somewhere in this country haven’t been shot and killed by a gun. Sometimes, it’s an accidental shooting, but the lion’s share are suicides and murders by gunfire. Who are these people who are so angry, hurt or betrayed by life or another person that the only satisfying solution is to take a gun, and shoot and kill themselves or the person who wronged them?

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  • May Post: 10 Reasons Why HB 1911, Unlicensed Carry, is Bad Policy

    By Emma Thomson

    Since the Texas House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee has passed HB 1911, an unlicensed carry bill, we've decided to give you another installment of information on this dangerous bill.  Please spread the word and speak up!  Here are 10 reasons why unlicensed carry is a bad idea.

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  • April Post: Unlicensed Carry Undermines Individual Responsibility Needed for Second Amendment Right

    By Raul Camacho

    I chose, “It’s not just a right, but a responsibility!” as the slogan of my firearm training academy because as a former Texas Peace Officer, I know firsthand that the consequences of guns getting into the wrong hands – the hands of someone with criminal intent or someone unskilled in handling their weapon – can be devastating. When guns are involved, a careless act in a moment’s time can change lives forever.

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