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Press Releases and Op-Eds

Statement on October 4, 2017:  National Day of Action

Statement on Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Guns are Too Available

Lawmakers Urge Border States to Act to Stop Gun Trafficking to Mexico

Four Dead, One Critically Injured, in a Weekend Shooting in Houston

Unlicensed Carry Undermines Individual Responsibility

Gun Sense

Permitless Carry Could Strip Away Already Limited Regulations

Texas Gun Sense Day of Action at the Capitol

Newtown Remembrance Honoring Victims of Sandy Hook Mass Shooting

Press Conference on Gun Violence Prevention Agenda

Another Deadly Shooting Injures Nine in Houston

Five People Killed in Washington State Mall Shooting

Trampling property rights is no way to support gun owners

Gun violence impacts Texans daily

Andrea Brauer: Texas should treat accidental gun deaths as a public health issue

Child homicides, suicides in Texas increase

Open Carry Demonstration at SXSW is Unnecessary

Press release on Senate Committee on State Affairs hearing, January 26

UT Austin Releases Campus Carry Recommendations

Brauer: On gun violence, more mental health resources are only part of the answer

Nothing is Safe About Cornyn's Mental Health and Safe Communities Act



Ireland's  100 Days of Trump - Guns in Texas

Inside Austin Talk1370:  Texas Gun Sense


Texas Gun Sense in the News

Access to Fully-Automatic Weapons a Long, Extensive Process

Las Vegas Shooting Sparks Debate About Gun Laws

Constitutional Carry:  State Rep Pushes Gun Bill During Special Session

Gun License Fee Reduction Causes Unexpected Side Effect

Senate Approves Bill to Allow School Employees to Keep a Gun in Their Vehicle

Abbott Signs Bill to Reduce Gun License Fees

Opponents Decry House Bill 1911

Permitless Carry Could Soon Go to Vote in the Texas House

Proposed Gun Law Would Allow Texans to Carry Weapons Without Permits

Opponents of No-Permit Gun Carry Gather at the Capitol

Are Texas Lawmakers Ready to Let Gun Owners Carry Without a License?

HB 1911 Could Allow Unlicensed Carry if Passed

Texas Senate Endorses Letting First Responders Carry Guns

Gun Bill for First Responders Passes Senate

Texas Lawmakers Consider Controversial Plan for Gun Owners to Carry Guns Without Permit

Public Testimony on "Constitutional Carry" Underway

House Panel Hears Bills for Open Carry Without Permit

Bill to Cut Gun Fees Advances to the State Senate

State Lawmakers Look to Lockdown Guns This Session

State Representative Wants Texans To Be Able To Carry Firearms Without License

Constitutional Carry this Session?  Not Likely

Gun Rights Advocates Push for Unlicensed Open Carry

Guns at Zoos?  Texas Says No While Struggling to Tame Rules

Special Report:  Guns and Mental Health

TGS Board Member Speaks On Permitless Carry

Gun Violence Advocates Take to the Capitol 

Gun-Related Bills in Texas

Texas Lawmakers File Bills Aimed at Reducing Gun Deaths

Bill Aims to Require Background Checks at Gun Shows

Local Vigil Held to Remember Sandy Hook Victims

Sandy Hook: Four Years Later, Austin Remembers

Austinites Hold Vigil for Sandy Hook Shooting Victims on 4th Anniversary

37 Gun Safety Bills Filed for Texas Legislative Session

Stark Contrasts as Gun Bills are Filed Ahead of '17 Legislature

Austin Gun Safety Advocates Hoping to Pass Stricter Gun Laws in 2017

Texas Legislature Preparing for Another Round of Gun Bills 

Group Calls for 'Common Sense' Gun Control Policies

Governor Abbott Says Campus Carry Could Have Stopped Ohio Attack, TGS Responds

Lack of Laws About Mental Illness, Access to Guns a Concern

Advocates for Better Gun Laws Hold Concert at Threadgill's

Concert Across America to End Gun Violence


Gun control advocate urges stricter laws after 370 mass shootings in US last year

Explained: gun laws in Texas

No Weapon in My Class

Dallas rampage renews gun control debate

Dozens gather for Austin gun safety rally

Rally pushes for tougher gun laws in Texas

Focus on guns

Orlando Attack Renews Efforts to Reinstate Weapons Ban

Orlando Mass Shooting Spawns Gun Rush at Central Texas Stores

Central Texans debate access to semi-automatic rifles

Orlando shooting sparks local conversation about guns

Texas gun background checks examined

Texas lawmakers likely to expand where people can take guns